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    Early to mid June
    ~A new galaxy of flavor~
    Have your taste buds been abducted and taken to a new world full of aromatic, sweet, and full-bodied flavor? Nope, you have just bit into a new universe of taste provided by this fantastic early season, white donut shaped peach! A Fowler Nurseries exclusive!

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    Van Cherry


    Late May
    Excellent quality fruit is slightly smaller with dark red skin. Resistant to rain cracking. An excellent pollenizer for most varieties; in particular, Bing. Highly productive variety.

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    Warren Pear


    Late September
    ~ A backyard, homestead favorite~
    This medium to large, tear dropped shaped fruit is a faded green color with red blush when in full sun. It is sweet, buttery, and very juicy with silky, no grit flesh. Cold hardy. Deer and fireblight resistant. Self-fruitful, however, for best production, add a pollenizer.

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    Late August
    Large to medium fruit with excellent quality, yellow-white flesh, and a sweet juicy flavor. Skin is brown to golden-brown russet. Tree is moderately vigorous to a medium size. A heavy bearer that shows some fireblight resistance. Storage life is 3 to 4 months.

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    Zee Grand Nectarine


    Mid July
    ~Good, mid-season variety~
    Good firmness, excellent flavor, some acid, and highly colored skin. Tree is moderately vigorous and productive.

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    Zephyr™ Nectarine


    Mid to Late July
    ~Most popular nectarine in France~
    Monphir cv. Large white-fleshed, sub-acid with excellent flavor and aromas. Great firmness. Skin is attractive red to pinkish red over a white background.