About Us – Legacy Meets Innovation

It’s been 107 years since we sold our first tree to a grower. At that time Gene Fowler, our founder, was the man to know if you were a fruit grower. Gene had a passion, a true skill for growing fruit trees; and just as important, he was an honest man to do business with. He taught his family, employees and customers the secrets to growing an orchard that would produce a crop best suited for their particular market. He believed in holding nothing back from his customers. It was his desire to share every successful effort he discovered so his customers were just as prosperous, if not more so, than he was in the nursery. His first advice was to start with the most suitable rootstock, then couple it with the proper variety giving a superior tree. This is the foundation and insurance for success. 

Although we are proud of our heritage, the future remains our emphasis. The principles, which successfully guided our operations in the past, are the same principles to guide our future. These principles have been derived from the values and wisdom of Gene Fowler (aka Grandpa), and Bob Fowler (aka Dad), and represent their legacy to us, the next generation of nursery staff. Our past will guide our future — a past and future of innovation, reliability, service, responsiveness, and integrity.

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