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Bright orange Apricot with little to no blush. Low acid, brix 17 to 18 degrees. Harvest five days before Castlebrite (ungirdled). Girdled trees ripen approximately 5 days earlier than ungirdled. USDA release from Dr. Craig Ledbetter. Juicy and dense flesh.


Fruit is large and firm with a sweet flavor and slight acidity. Fine-textured, orange flesh can freckle in wet springs. Tree grows slightly spreading and vigorous. Self-fertile and ripens in early June (just before Patterson).


Good size, early fruit with very appealing flavor. Pollenized by Poppy. Attractive early season cot.


Large, solid-orange freestone fruit with firm and fine-textured flesh. Tree grows open and spreading with an early season harvest. Self-fertile. USDA fresh market release.
*Probably graft incompatible with Marianna 2624.


Bhart cv. (PAF)

Large, sweet, aromatic, and firm fruit with exceptional flavor. Hangs well on the tree with good storage. Deep orange flesh with some blush on the skin. Ripens before Katy (early June in Fresno) and one week before Rival and Goldrich. Use Robada as pollenizer.


(USPP #9890)

Aromatic and sweet freestone with deep orange coloration and a strong red blush on sun-exposed surfaces. Tree growth is upright and vigorous and harvests mid-season. Self-fertile.

Royal (Blenheim)

Fruit is medium and firm with a sweet flavor and a golden-orange flesh. Ripens mid-June (Fresno).  All purpose apricot.

Apricot Rootstocks

Citation*, Lovell, Marianna 2624, Nemaguard