Medium-size, plump nut with a semi-hard and well-sealed shell. Expect upright and vigorous tree growth. Aldrich is a good productive variety. Terrific pollenizer with Nonpareil.




Medium-size to small and distinguishably plump nut (similar to Mission) with a semi-hard and well-sealed shell. Spreading and vigorous tree growth. A heavy producing variety.

Carmel Bro 2

Medium-size, elongated nut with a soft but well-sealed shell. The tree stands notably more upright than Nonpareil and grows to a medium size. Each of our mother trees has been tested for low bud failure potential. A heavy and early producer.


Good productivity in early years. The tree is upright, somewhat spreading, and vigorous. A prolonged bloom period starts 2 days before Nonpareil and blooms are very attractive to bees.


Nut is medium-size to small, ovate-shaped with a soft shell. Tree growth is characteristically upright and somewhat spreading. A late harvest variety and a heavy producer. Energetic pollenizer for Nonpareil.




This elongated nut with a tendency for doubling has a soft and well-sealed shell. Tree growth is somewhat spreading and vigorous to a medium size.

Nonpareil 3-8-2-70

Somewhat flattened, large to medium-size nut with a characteristically “paper” thin and poorly-sealed shell. An upright tree growth spreading to a large size. We use strains of Nonpareil with extremely low incidence of bud failure. Each of our mother trees has been tested for low bud failure potential. Most sought-after almond variety in California.


Medium-size to small nut with a hard shell. Tree growth is upright and vigorous. Terrific producer with high yields.


Medium-size nut with an attractive, very hard shell. Tree is moderately upright and grows to a medium size. Primarily for in-shell market.
*Due to early bloom Peerless may be subject to frost damage.


A medium-size and plump nut with a “paper” thin shell. Tree grows upright and hardy to a medium size. Price has some tendency to alternate bear. Exceptional variety.



A large to medium-size nut with a “paper” thin shell. Its tree growth is slightly spreading to a medium size. Sonora may have a tendency to alternate bear.


(USPP #13286) [UC test selection 13-1] Nut is good quality with few doubles, twins or other distortions. The shell is thin and moderately sealed. Winters blooms during early Nonpareil bloom and its production is among the highest in the regional varietal trials. Nut quality is comparable and superior to Carmel. *Thin shell provides excellent crackouts, but has higher levels of ant and worm damage as compared to Nonpareil and Carmel.

Wood Colony

Almond Rootstocks

Bright’s Hybrid®#5, Hansen 536, Krymsk®#86 (AP-1cv) USPP#16272, Nemaguard, SG1®, Viking