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Bright's Hybrid #5®

(USPP Pending)
This peach/almond hybrid was originally bred by Bright’s Nursery and is the #5 selection. It is a vigorous rootstock used for almonds. It is rootknot nematode resistant and does well in well-drained soils.


(USPP #11403)
M-40 exhibits superior rooting depth relative to Marianna 2624, fewer unwanted suckers (labor saving), and is compatible with many prunes, apricots, and Japanese plums. Its almond compatibility is similar to Marianna 2624. Good wet soil tolerance.

Krymsk® #5

It is a cherry rootstock that could be a replacement for the Gisela® series. It creates a tree about 90% of Mazzard. It is precocious and seems to do well in adverse conditions.

Krymsk® #6

It is a precocious cherry rootstock that could be the replacement for the Gisela® series. It is semi-dwarfing, about 75% the size of Mazzard.

Krymsk® #86

(USPP Pending)
A peach/plum hybrid. It is compatible with almond, peach, plum, and apricot. It creates a tree similar in size to Lovell rootstock. Exhibits superior anchorage in early years compared to peach and peach/almond hybrids and seems to tolerate heavy and wet soils. It appears compatible with Nonpareil almond and produces suckers, but significantly less than Marianna 2624.







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