Large fruit with firm yellow flesh and excellent flavor. Skin is blushed. A favorite at fruit stands or in family orchards, Delight has many uses. A Fowler Nurseries’ original.
*May be subject to split pits.

Elegant Lady

Large, round and very firm fruit with good flavor. Skin is highly colored red-orange over yellow. Mid-season harvest. Heavy producer. Excellent shipping peach.


Large and round fruit with good firmness and a splendid, delicious taste. Skin has a red blush with yellow background. A heavy producer. Good freezer peach.

Fay Elberta

Large fruit with yellow flesh and a premium sweet, juicy flavor. Skin has a colorful blush. A popular and attractive variety. Good for drying, canning, freezing, or eating fresh.


Large to medium fruit with firm yellow flesh and a good flavor. Skin has a pleasing red blush on yellow. Sets heavy. Good popular variety for shipping.

Forty Niner

Large, excellent quality fruit with an appealing blush on the skin. Vigorous tree growth. Fruit keeps well.


Large doughnut peach. It is a very attractive, white flesh, low acid, sweet peach. Ripens about June 20th in the Fresno area. Size is 3 3/4″, 15’s in single layer box. USDA release from Dr. David Ramming.

Gene Elberta

Large and flavorful fruit. Skin is blushed with a red covering. A well-liked, fresh market peach that can be canned or frozen. A heavy producer discovered by our founder more than 50 years ago. Fruit does not oxidize.


June Pride

(USPP #6747)
Firm and large fruit with very good color and exceptional flavor. Zaiger variety.

Late Alamar

Large and firm fruit with yellow flesh, first class flavor, and a blushed skin. Requires a long growing season. A Fowler Nurseries variety.


Sub acid white flesh peach with excellent color and flavor that ripens early in the season. Harvest between Spring Snow and Ivory Princess. Product of Star Fruits.


Delicate white-fleshed fruit with sweet aromatic taste, definitely worth the special handling. Skin is a stunning pink-red.


Large fruit with good firmness and flavor. Skin is highly colored. Late season harvest. High quality and a heavy producer.


Moncav cv. (PAF)
Large, firm fruit with sub-acid, sweet flavor and white flesh with a slight aroma. Skin is dark red to pink. Ripens with O’Henry. Product of Riviera Breeding Program™.


Large strawberry-type fruit with white to pink flesh and some red at the pit. Skin is reddish-white. Good quality and a heavy producer of delicate fruit.

Red Haven

Firm and medium-size fruit with very good, low-acid flavor. Skin is red blush over yellow. An old-time favorite.

Rio Oso Gem


Silver Logan

Large, white-fleshed peach with exceptional flavor and a melting texture. Sun-red blush on skin. Requires special handling for fresh markets.

Southern Flame Patio Peach

Spring Rose


Large to medium-size fruit with firm yellow flesh and very good flavor. Skin has a stunning red blush. Early season.

Sugar Lady

(USPP #7532)
Large to medium fruit. Sub-acid, white-fleshed freestone with supreme flavor. Skin has an incredible color to match its flavor. Zaiger variety.


Large fruit with firm, yellow flesh and melting good flavor. Skin has a bright blush over yellow. Late harvest and very productive.


Large fruit with excellent flavor and a bright red sunset blush on the skin.

UFO-4 (aka UFO Delight)

White Lady

(USPP #5821)
Large to medium, sub-acid, firm, white-fleshed fruit with mouth-watering flavor.
Very good storage quality. Zaiger variety.