Large and appealing fruit with very sweet and tender flesh. Picked green, but enjoyed when skin ripens to a soft yellow (sometimes with a slight blush). Tree bears early, heavily, and regularly. Requires a pollenizer in most areas; use Bosc, Super Red™ or Winter Nelis. Excellent fresh or canned.

Bronze Beauty™

Wimmer cv. (USPP #7485)
Medium-size to large fruit with a characteristic Bosc shape and higher soluble solids than Buerre Bosc. Russeting develops very early and matures to a full warm bronze russet. Tree has vigorous and spreading growth to a large size. This variety or Golden Russet Bosc® should be considered before Buerre Bosc for full russeted fruit.

B.P. Morettini

Bartlett-shaped, sweet fruit with a wonderful melting texture. Skin is yellow with a lovely red blush. Tree has very vigorous growth and is high-yielding. Early season harvest (2 weeks before Bartlett).


(USPP #10459)
Large and roundish fruit with rich, tender flesh and a delectable flavor that melts in your mouth. Skin is yellow with a slight blush. Tree has vigorous growth with good production. Best when fresh. Grandiose dessert pear.

Columbia Red™ Anjou

(USPP #6194)
Typical D’Anjou-shaped fruit with sweet, white flesh and striking, dark red skin. Very good ripening characteristics. This is the superior Red Anjou strain by which all others are measured.


Golden Russet Bosc®

(USPP #5243)
Large and long-necked fruit. Skin is distinctly light gold at maturity. Harvest after Buerre Bosc.This variety or Bronze Beauty™ Bosc should be considered before Buerre Bosc for highly russeted fruit.

Harrow Delight

AC™ Harrow Sweet


Super Red™

Large fruit with bright white flesh, excellent flavor, and dark red skin. Tree has very vigorous growth. This is the earliest maturing red pear, with a storage life of approx. 4 to 6 weeks (subject to internal breakdown). Summer heat will not fade the red skin color — perfect for hot areas. AKA Kalle and Red Clapp’s Favorite. *Susceptible to fireblight.


Pear Rootstocks

OHxF 87, OHxF 97, Betulaefolia, P. Quince BA29C