A longtime favorite, the Moorpark apricot is known for its rich flavor and aroma. Excellent for fresh eating, canning, and drying. Tree naturally stays smaller. Self fertile, can add a pollenizer for better production.


Bhart cv. (PAF) Large, sweet, aromatic, and firm fruit with exceptional flavor. Hangs well on the tree with good storage. Deep orange flesh with some blush on the skin. Ripens before Katy (early June in Fresno) and one week before Rival and Goldrich. Use Robada as pollenizer.


(USPP #9890) Aromatic and sweet freestone with deep orange coloration and a strong red blush on sun-exposed surfaces. Tree growth is upright and vigorous and harvests mid-season. Self-fertile.

Royal (Blenheim)

Fruit is medium and firm with a sweet flavor and a golden-orange flesh. Ripens mid-June (Fresno). All purpose apricot.


Apache is average in size and has an attractive pinkish-orange skin.  The orange flesh is smooth and finely textured and easily separates from the pit.  It ships and stores well.  Apache needs pollen from another Apricot variety.  

Autumn Glo

Autumn Glo is a unique flavor, sweet and tender, late season apricot.  Fruit ripens late August into September.  It likes half day to full day sun and well drained soil.  Self fertile, but benefits from a pollinator.


This apricot has a freestone pit, so it is fast and easy to process.  Fruit is large and very flavorful.  A great apricot for mild winter climates and self-fertile.  One of the earliest apricots to ripen.


This gourmet apricot is superb for processing because it keeps its delightful fragrance, exceptionally sweet flavor and attractive, deep-orange color.  Nicole trees require a pollinator.

Royal Rosa

Royal Rosa apricot is especially nice fruit, sweet, low acid, great flavor.  It harvests early, late May (in Central CA).  Self-fertile.