With a taste so heavenly, nectarines were named after the Greek God Nekter.


Monam cv. (PAF)

Firm and large fruit. An excellent selection when flavor is paramount. Flavor is reminiscent of papayas. Sub-acid and yellow-fleshed with unusual floral aromas and excellent flavor. Skin is red to orange-red over a yellow background. Ripens with O’Henry. Product of Riviera Breeding Program™.

Arctic Glo

(USPP #7884)

Firm and large fruit with superb white flesh. The sweetness is well-balanced with an acidic flavor and the skin is strikingly bright. Zaiger Variety.

Arctic Rose

(USPP #7889)

Medium-size fruit with good color skin. Exceptionally sweet flavor and a firm, sub-acid white flesh. Tree is productive and notably vigorous. Moderate chilling is required. Zaiger Variety.


Monnude cv. (PAF)

Large and sweet fruit with some acidity. Skin is colorful and fruit has a white flesh with no pit bleeding. Ripens one week after Fantasia. Product of Riviera Breeding Program™.


Large freestone fruit with firm, yellow flesh and a delicious flavor. Skin is clear yellow with a bright red blush. Tree is notably vigorous and productive. Moderate chilling required.


Large, oblong-shape fruit with good flavor. Skin is a pleasing color. Moderate chilling required. Productive and high quality freestone.

Heavenly White


Large freestone fruit with superior white flesh and well-balanced flavor. First introduced as a home garden variety for its large size and superb flavor. A winner at roadsides/PYO where full color is not crucial for consumer satisfaction. Zaiger variety.


Medium-size fruit with firm, yellow flesh and a distinctive flavor. Skin is a brilliant cherry-red.


Momee cv. (PAF)

Large, white-fleshed, sweet fruit with a hint of acidity and exceptional color. Tree is moderately vigorous. Ripens about 3 weeks before Fantasia. Product of Riviera Breeding Program™.


(USPP #5228)

Large to medium fruit with yellow flesh, good firmness and flavor. Skin has a good color. Zaiger variety.

Royal Giant

Very large to large fruit with excellent flavor and good skin color. Tree is moderately vigorous but very productive.


Fruit has good firmness and flavor and skin is a pleasing color. Ripens in early July and is perfect for mid-season harvests.


Large to medium fruit with a yellow, flavorful flesh. Skin is yellow with a red blush. Holds well on the tree when ripe.

Zee Grand

(USPP #7475)

Medium-size fruit with excellent flavor. Skin is highly colored. Ripens early with May Grand. Zaiger variety.


Monphir cv. (PAF)

Large, firm white-fleshed fruit. Sub-acid with excellent flavor and aromas. Skin is an attractive red to pinkish-red over a white background. Harvest one week after Fantasia. Product of Riviera Breeding Program™.

Nectarine Rootstocks

Hiawatha, Lovell, Nemaguard,
(Hansen 536* Peach/Almond Hybrid, and Ishtara are by special request only.)