These beauties are delicious right off the tree or dried.

Dapple Dandy

Flavor Queen

Santa Rosa



Medium-size, distinct ovate-shape fruit with golden yellow flesh and a sweet taste. Skin is thick and red to purple-black. Notably upright and vigorous tree growth with strong branches. Matures August to September. Flowers are self-fertile. Fresh to dry, the drying ratio average is about 3 to 1.
*Has some tendency to alternate bear.
The industry’s standard prune.

Muir Beauty

(AKA: D6N-72) (USPP Pending)

This cultivar is an excellent dried plum developed from a controlled pollination of Improved French to “Tulare Giant.” The fruit mature in early August about 10 to 15 days before Improved French. The fresh fruit soluble solids range from 20.0-24.0 degrees Brix. The dried fruit are large, shiny black in color with larger but fewer wrinkles than Improved French. Limited pitting tests have resulted in easy pit removal. The tree is more precocious than Improved French, flowering and fruiting at early age. Muir Beauty is self-pollinating and blooms 7-10 days before Improved French.

Tulare Giant

(USPP #12224)
Oval-shaped fruit, substantially larger than French (Improved) with a dark purple skin. Tree has vigorous growth and is productive. Harvest 20 days before French (Improved). Peach rootstocks are not recommended at this time because of graft overgrowth. Test shipments have been well received in Pacific Rim markets.

Prune Rootstocks

Myro 29C, M-40, KRYMSK®#86 (AP-1cv) USPP#16272, Lovell, Viking