Fowler Nurseries has been growing these crisp and juicy-sweet imports since 1938. We offer many more varieties than any other nursery.


Extra large, noticeably sweet and juicy fruit with a golden brown skin. Tree has moderately vigorous growth and is productive. Harvest is late season. This pear is a cross between Nijisseiki and Imamura Aki and is superior to Niitaka. Atago has a long and profuse bloom period, making it a good choice as a pollenizer. Very little thinning required for large fruit. Fruit hangs well on the tree.


Large to medium fruit with a crisp, juicy off-white flesh. Skin has an excellent golden brown russeting. Tree is large to medium-size, weeping with spreading growth. Productive with a late season harvest. Storage life is approx. 2 months.
*May develop internal breakdown if stored too long when picked very ripe.


Very large and roundish fruit with firm flesh and a crisp, juicy, sweet taste. Skin is an attractive golden brown russet when ripe. Tree has very vigorous upright growth to large size. Winter hardy and a late harvest. Storage life is 8 to 9 months. One of the best tasting pears and the preferred Korean Asian Pear.

Shin Li

(USPP #6076)

Very large to large fruit with a full-bodied pear shape (pyriform). Firm, white crisp juicy flesh and a sweet, yet tart flavor. The skin is light to yellowish-green with large lenticels. Tree is medium to large size, upright, with slightly spreading growth. Storage life is 5 to 6 months.


Large to medium fruit with excellent quality, yellow-white flesh, and a sweet juicy flavor. Skin is brown to golden-brown russet. Tree is moderately vigorous to a medium size. A heavy bearer that shows some fireblight resistance. Storage life is 3 to 4 months.

Shinseiki (New Century)

Large to medium fruit with firm, white, crisp flesh and a sweet, juicy flavor. Skin is yellow-green to pale yellow with small lenticels. Tree is precocious, moderately vigorous with dense growth. Very productive. Storage life is 7 to 8 months.


Medium-size fruit with crisp off-white flesh. Very juicy and very sweet. Green-brown to orange-brown russet skin. Very vigorous tree with upright, erect growth. Early harvest. Storage life is approx. 6 weeks. Very good to excellent quality for an early season fruit.

Tse Li

Large fruit with white flesh and a juicy, crisp, sweet-tart flavor. Green to yellow-green skin with large lenticels. Vigorous upright tree growth to large size. Moderately productive. Storage lifeis approx. 9 months. Excellent pollenizer for Ya Li. Pear-shaped (pyriform) Chinese pear.

20th Century (Nijisseiki)

Best-known Asian pear. Medium-size fruit with firm white flesh and refreshingly bold, sweet-tart appeal. Green to greenish-yellow smooth skin with some lenticels. Moderately vigorous, upright tree growth. Productive. Storage life is approx. 5 months. Heavy thinning required for best size.

Ya Li

Large to medium fruit with white flesh and a sweet fragrant flavor and aroma. Green to light green skin. Vigorous, upright spreading tree growth. Productive. Storage life is approx. 6 months. A smooth and glossy Chinese pear.


Large fruit with crisp off-white flesh, sweet and juicy, excellent quality. Skin is a buff-colored russet. Moderate to vigorous tree growth. Very productive. Storage life is approx. 3 to 4 months.

Varieties Available Upon Special Request

Ichiban Nashi™, Kikusui, Kosui, Niitaka, Seigyoku, Seuri

Asian Pear Rootstocks

Pyrus betulaefolia (Reimer Strain)