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    Fireball Apricot


    Mid to Late May
    ~ Exquisite color with flavor to match~
    Vibrant red coloring covers the medium-large sized fruit. It is packed with full flavor and a firm flesh that will store longer than most. A Fowler Nurseries exclusive! Pollenizer recommended.

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    Orangered Apricot


    Early June   ~Most popular apricot in France~ Sweet, aromatic, firm apricot with exceptional flavor. Flesh is deep orange with red blush on the skin. Hangs well on the tree. No apricot planting should be without this variety! Not a heavy producer but those you get youÂ’ll savor Use Robada or Royal as the pollenizer.

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    Early June
    ~Aromatic choice~
    Highly colored fruit, freestone, aromatic and sweet at harvest maturity. Deep orange coloration with a strong red blush on sun-exposed surfaces. Vigorous and upright growth. Self-fertile.

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    Royal Apricot


    Mid June
    ~All purpose apricot~
    Fruit is medium and firm with a sweet flavor and a golden-orange flesh. Use Robada or Orangered as the pollenizer.