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    Early June
    ~Flavor, crunch, and more flavor!~
    This is a vigorous producer of high-quality, elegant fruit. It has exceptional firmness with a distinguishable crunch that explodes with 20% sugar which enhances the cherry flavor. Stores well and is crack resistant. Use Lapins or Rainier as a pollenizer.

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    Mid May
    Fruit ripens before the Bing, larger in size. Firm and crunchy, with an exceptional mild, sweet flavor. Vigorous, hardy, resistant to bacterial canker.

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    Mid September
    ~A heavy, precocious producer~
    Elongated nut, medium-sized. Well sealed shell, but soft. Tree growth is medium-sized and stands notably more upright than Nonpareil. Almonds require another almond variety for pollination.

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    Comice Pear


    Late September
    ~Considered the King of pears~
    Comice is a large, roundish rich fruit. Flesh is fine grained (smooth) with a delectable flavor that melts in your mouth. Skin color is yellow with a slight blush. Best eaten fresh after a short storage period. Can be self-fertile, but for consistent production use Super Red or Golden Russet Rose as a pollenizer.

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    Mid August
    ~A marbled beauty~
    The skin is marbled with pink, green, yellow, and occasionally maroon. A creamy-white flesh with red accents near the skin and a perfect balance of plum and apricot flavors, this is an orchard must! Use Flavor Queen as a pollenizer.

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    Mid to Late July
    ~Old flavorful variety~
    This large freestone is bright yellow with a bright red blush. Flesh: firm and yellow with a delicious flavor. The tree is notably vigorous and productive. Moderate chilling required.

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    Fireball Apricot


    Mid to Late May
    ~ Exquisite color with flavor to match~
    Vibrant red coloring covers the medium-large sized fruit. It is packed with full flavor and a firm flesh that will store longer than most. A Fowler Nurseries exclusive! Pollenizer recommended.

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    Late June
    ~ Orbs of delicious flavor~
    This large fruit is light-green to yellow when ready to harvest with a golden flesh that is firm and juicy. It is sweet with a slight apricot aftertaste with very little tartness. Use Dapple Dandy as a pollenizer.

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    Forelle Pear


    Mid September A very old variety, most colorful pear with red lenticles on brilliant yellow skin when ripe. One of the smallest pears with moist and crisp flesh.

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    Forty Niner Peach


    Early August
    ~Used in gift packs~
    Large, excellent dessert-quality fruit with appealing blush on the skin. Similar to its parent J.H. Hale. Aromatic bloom. Vigorous tree growth. Fruit keeps